Prayer groups are signs of hope for the Church and for the  world as they help to spread the Word of God by developing the spiritual growth of its members.  As such, the Foundation subsidizes the Mary, Queen of Peace Prayer (MQP) Apostolate, a Catholic ministry established for the formation, training and guidance of MQP prayer groups.   The MQP movemement promotes the spreading of the Gospel message of love and peace throughout the world emanating from the village of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  Short lectures on how to form a MQP prayer group are offered (in English or Spanish) at parishes and private homes of those interested in forming a group.  As a recent addition to the list of projects currently undertaken by the Foundation, this service is currently limited in scope and geographical areas. However, there are online resources to help those interested in starting a MQP prayer group as well as printed materials available. For more information please contact: