The Foundation raises funds for the manitenance and supply of early education centers in poor rural communities of Latin America.  At present, the Foundation is embarking on a project to raise funds to feed and manage an early education center serving over 200 children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old and a rural medical clinic in the outskirts of Dajabón, a Province in the Dominican Republic on the northern border with Haiti.  The area serves as a checkpoint between the two countries and Dajabón serves as temporary refuge and trade post for the larger but poorer Haitian city of Ouanaminthe whose inhabitants cross the border into Dajabón at specific dates and times of the week to barter with Dominicans and sell goods such as vegetables grown in the area as well as supplies (such as clothing and housewares) that are donated to them  by international relief organizations.   

The Foundation is eagerly raising funds to provide food for these children and to increase awareness of the dire need  in these underdeveloped communities.