Mother of Christ Foundation was created by a small group of longtime catholic lay ministers deeply committed to the church's principles, ideals and traditions in its holy pursuit of the common good by providing assistance to those in need in accordance with the Scriptures as found in Matthew 25:45:  "Whatever you did for one of these least ones, you did it for me."

For several years this group has undertaken the simple (but intricate) exercise of providing food and other essentials to indigent families in rural communities as well as helping those who minister to them (such as religious workers and ordained clergy) at various times of the year.  However, despite the success of this small venture, something seemed to be missing ...... that genuine longing to do more ALWAYS remained.....

Through the group's ministry work (involvement in prayer groups, teaching of the faith and participating in parish and Diocesan events through the years), they became more sensitive to the great need that exists everywhere , which gave birth to a dream of expanding and taking the ministry to a larger scale and to include other charitable work in several geographical areas.

Hence, they humbly accepted the Lord's call to launch this Foundation to further the work of the ministry on a full time basis, turning it into a growing ministry that depends largely on your support to continue its labor of love and dedication that will benefit His children in need as well as those valiant soldiers whom He constantly blesses and protects under the mantle of Our Blessed Mother.