Our name honors Mary, our Heavenly Mother, the Immaculate Conception and Ever Virgin and we pray for her protection and guidance.  The example of her life on earth and in heaven is the true inspiration behind our charitable work.

We are inspired by the Holy Spirit to preserve and advocate for the sanctity and dignity of all human life, to nurture charity, peace and justice following the teachings of the Catholic Faith .

We are called to serve those less fortunate but equally blessed, as has been urged so poignantly by the Holy Father.  Therefore, we are compelled to follow the Pope’s teaching:

“The new evangelization is an invitation to acknowledge the saving power at work in the lives of the poor and to put them at the center of the Church’s pilgrim way. We are called to find Christ in them, to lend our voice to their causes...” Evangelii Gaudium 198 (June 2013).

Further, Saint John Paul II said that the Church must have:

“an option or love of preference for the poor. This is an option, or a special form of primacy in the exercise of Christian charity, to which the whole tradition of the Church bears witness.” Sollicitudo Rei Socialis #42 (December 1987).

Hence, the sole purpose for the launching of this Foundation is to bear witness in however small part to this philosophy and to thank the Good Lord for all the blessings received.  This small ministry will not eradicate poverty anywhere on its own, but we  refuse to  just sit idly looking the other way and just think that this issue is purely academic in nature.

We also intend to be a symbol of hope for those brave souls that the Lord has called to serve the poor in their own communities.  Missionaries (lay or ordained) are the true heroes that carry out the Church’s passion and responsibility to help those in need.  This Foundation will be an advocate for them as a support system in the areas where the Foundation serves.  We intend to make a difference in the name of Jesus Christ and his  Church.

“Giving alms to the poor is a witness to fraternal charity: it is also a work of justice pleasing to God”. CCC #2462

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